During early ‘80s the founders commenced trading fur and later in the end of the decade, they decided to produce all the fur garments by themselves.

Founded in 1990 in Kastoria,Greece, Siozos Furs Company is a leading fashion wholesaler, producing high quality, fashionable fur garments and accessories. We wholesale directly to retailers both large and small, from local clients to those across the globe. Our range changes every year (Autumn – Winter) and is being constantly refreshed but at any time you’ll be guaranteed to find a fantastic collection of fur jackets, fur vests, fur shawls, fur scarves, fur boleros, fashionable fur accessories and more – all at competitive wholesale trading prices.


Siozos Furs now has presence in the world’s biggest fashion fairs and recently won the award of the Best Coloured Textile during the “Premiere Vision” fair in France.

We provide a large amount of fashion companies with our fur garments and accessories, either for decorating their products or adding them to their fashion collection.

Our experienced team of furriers, designers and pattern makers can fulfill any requirements that you may have in regards to custom designs styling and all other specialty services. All of our products are hand-crafted, limited production items.We manufacture as well as fur plates and blankets for your home decoration.

Handcrafted in Kastoria, Greece, exported worldwide. You can shop or order ready garments and fur accessories, quality fur skins or panels such as mink, coyote and fox.

Participation in “Premiere Vision” fair in Paris, France,
every September and February.

Participation in “Premiere Vision” fair in New York, USA,
on July.

Participation in “Lineapelle” fair in FieraMilano, Italy,
every September.



Fur is a wonderful natural product. It requires a special handling in order to be made into a durable fashion garment or accessory. Innovative techniques have developed a unique expert industry that is well aware of the responsibility it has towards man and the environment.

When furs are preserved (known as Dressing & Dyeing), like any process using chemistry, it is highly regulated. Frequent government inspections make sure the output of the product and any emissions conform to the highest standards.

All our real fur products are made ethically and responsibly. They are high recyclable, environmentally sustainable and biodegradable.

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